Eagle Up Ultra Instructions – Rev. 05/20/22



All participants will receive a race bib number, which must be visible at all times for the purpose of identification by timing, safety personnel and organizers.

Race Timing:

Mid Ohio Race Management is providing timing services.


50K registrants will have a bib chip. You must wear this on your outer/visible layer to be properly scored.

50Mile, 100K, 50/50, 100Mile and Relay Teams will be timed and scored by anklet. You must wear this on your ankle (not your wrist) to be properly scored.


Relay teams will share a single anklet that is passed from runner to runner in the relay exchange zone just past the timing strip.

A Lap-o-meter will be placed on course just after the timing location where your name and current mileage will display after each passing, and there will be a live leader board available for viewing all 24 hours where you and spectators can view race progress. After completion of the race, if you were issued an anklet you will need to return it or you will be held responsible for replacement costs.  If you have decided to stop your participation in the event at any point, please return your anklet to the timers.

We will install temporary fencing this year along the approach and past the timing strip to minimize the number of people who cross the timing strip multiple times when going in and out of the main aid station. This is purely to support more accurate results.



Various awards for fastest distance, most miles, age divisions, etc. will be mailed within 4 weeks after the event. Awards are given for male and females, 1st and 2nd place in the following: Fastest 100 miles, fastest 50/50, fastest 100k, fastest 50 miles, fastest 50K. In addition, fastest 100 mile relay 4-person and 8-person, most miles individual male and female over all. Ages for individual awards are in 10-year increments 19 and under through 70+.


The parking lot at St. Helena Heritage Park is first come, first served. Participants arriving after the lot is full may drop off camping supplies and must proceed to off-site parking. SEE CAMPING NOTE BELOW

Overflow parking lots are available within a short walk of the course. Once all of those are full, you can park in a legal space on the street wherever you find one.  See map at the bottom of this page.



Emergency Vehicle Access:

Lanes will be marked for safety vehicles, should it be necessary for an emergency vehicle to access the event area. Vehicles parked on fire lanes will be towed at the owner’s expense.



A mobile device charging station will be set up near the pavilion. It is free to use and you may charge mobile devices – at your own risk – beginning Friday when camping opens. There will be a potable water hose available for filling personal water supplies. A shower wand will be available with very cold water from a hose. Numerous portable toilets and hand wash stations will be placed throughout the park and at Butterbridge. Use the toilets for your gray water disposal. Please do your best to keep them tidy. There will be a cleanout/restock on Saturday and extra paper products will be available in the pavilion.


Aid Stations:

The course will have one fully stocked aid station in the park pavilion, a tended aid station at approximately the half-way point, and two self-serve aid stations with hydration with water and Gatorade.

The main hydration station will be in a tent separate from the pavilion.


​Race Rules:

The following rules are established for safety, fairness and decency. The Eagle Up Ultra is intended to be a competitive and fun event.

1.     We assume that whether runners are moving fast or slow at any given time, all are trying for their best performance. Faster runners should generally assume that they will have to pass slower runners and walkers on the left. The slower runners should stay to right as you would drive down the road.

2.     You will be sharing the trails with the general public that bikes, runs and walks on these public trails, so please be courteous and careful not to get tangled up with other people who are not part of the event.

3.     There are no road crossings. However, you will have to run the berm across the Tuscarawas River at Butterbridge, and the sidewalk at Cherry Street. Alert REACT units will be positioned at Butterbridge for your safety.

4.     You can leave the course at any place or time, but you must re-enter the course at the exact point where you left it.

5.     A short portion of the course is on the grass in St. Helena Heritage Park. Follow the pennant rope and cones as you enter the park from Cherry Street and loop through the campers toward the timing strip. This portion will be wet in the early and overnight hours, so pack dry shoes and socks accordingly.

6.     There will also be numerous portable toilets and hand washing stations.

7.     Runners may not use banned substances as defined by USATF and WADA.

8.     There will be a beer garden available to registered participants and their support personnel. No personal alcoholic beverages are permitted.

9.     Headphones are allowed for all competitors. All runners may use them as long as they do not impede anyone else’s progress or anyone’s safety.

10.   Pacing is permitted throughout the race.


Race Start:

The race will start at 6:00 A.M. Instructions will be given just prior to the start. All distances will start together. Make sure your timing chip is securely attached to your ankle. You do not have to start your race at any specific time. Your time starts when you cross the timing strip the first time, so if you arrive late because of other commitments, you won’t be penalized.


Finishing Your Distance:

Since this course is an exact 5 miles, if you are running the 50K or 100K you will have to go to the turn-around point on your final lap. These will be marked at ½-mile and 1-mile points from the timing strip. On your final lap, alert the timers that you are headed to the turn-around point. Run to that point, then back the opposite way to cross the timing strip.

You may run farther or shorter than your registered distance. You will receive the award for the distance you complete. All competitors will be eligible for the most miles completed awards.


Pre-race Check-in:

Canal Fulton will close Canal Street between Poplar and Cherry for a street festival on Friday, June 3rd. Packet pickup will be in front of Brimstone Bicycles on Friday FROM 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., and on Saturday, 5:00 A.M. to 5:45 A.M. in the park pavilion. You can have somebody else pick up for you as long as they know your name and you know they’re picking up your stuff. We’re not responsible for helping you find them. Relay team bibs and chip will be distributed as a single packet for all members.



You may set up tents on the grassy area in the park. RV’s and campers are permitted in the parking lots on a first come basis. You must be self-contained. There are no power, water or clean-out services available. No personal fires are permitted. You may use a camping stove at your campsite. Please be considerate of others and don’t bring a noisy generator that you run all night.


The State of Ohio is enforcing stricter rules for temporary campsites like this one. Representatives from the Stark County Health Department will be on site to inspect the campground, which why it is important you abide by these guidelines.

1.     RV’s and camper trailers must be spaced 15’ apart side-to-side (including slide-outs) and 10’ apart end to end. If you place your vehicle or trailer too close to another, the Fun Police will make you move it.


  a.     Once the main parking lot is at capacity, you will need to find overflow parking and we are not responsible for making you follow rules. That will be at the discretion of the Canal Fulton law enforcement and fire department.


  b.     There is no parking of any kind permitted in front of the banks of porto-johns. If you want them to be cleaned out for you, don’t block them with a vehicle or trailer.

2.     Tent campsites will be marked in the grass with 30’ x 30’ boxes. Your campsite may consist of a cluster of three tents, tarps, etc., but your group must be within the boundaries of the box you select. No more than three "plots" are permitted within each 30' x 30' square. 


​The grass will be marked on Thursday, so you can't pitch your tent before. Campers may set up beginning at noon on Friday. If you choose to arrive beforehand, note that you may be asked to move by the health department if you don't follow the rules spelled out above. We are not the enforcement arm, so you have to listen to them.

You can pull into the main parking lot after it’s full to drop off your campsite supplies, but you can’t block traffic or the fire lane and you have to move your car as soon as you set your stuff at your campsite.


Please be clear of the area by noon on Sunday. You are responsible for cleaning up your trash and putting it in the dumpster.

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