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Updated 05/30/2021

Total: 782



Last Name, First Name, City, State, Team

Lehrer, Jason, Sandusky, OH, 3 bananas and a peach

Mccleese, Cherie, Sandusky, OH, 3 bananas and a peach

Smith, Jonathan, Sandusky, OH, 3 bananas and a peach

Snyder, Josh, Milan, OH, 3 bananas and a peach

Frazier, Sandra, Columbus, OH, A Running Joke

Hudson, Megan, Cleveland, OH, A running joke

See, Annie, Blacklick, OH, A running joke

Simmons, Jeffrey, Newport, NY, A running joke

Simmons, Heather, Newport, NY, A running joke

Stickel, Anthony, Columbus, OH, A running joke

Stickel, Joy, Columbus, OH, A running joke

Ward, Becca, Galena, OH, A running joke

Hewit, Adam, Blacklick, OH, A running joke too

Smallwood, Chris, Westerville, OH, A running joke too

Frazier, Randy, Columbus, OH, A running joke, too

Thompson, Adam, Columbus, OH, A running joke, too

Austin, Amy, Fort Wayne, IN, Always on the run

Ballard, Carmen, Fort Wayne, IN, Always on the run

Le, Hien, Fort Wayne, IN, Always on the run

Lewis, Ly, , , Always on the run

Craver, Christopher, Massillon, OH, Cadillac elderado

Hoffman, Katy, Canal Fulton, OH, Cadillac elderados

Sidel, Matthew, Canton, OH, Cadillac eldorado

Craver, Chris, Massillon, OH, Cadillac eldorados

Hirschman, Joshua, Canton, OH, Cadillac eldorados

Kunkle, Jacob, Canton, OH, Cadillac eldorados

Vickers, Jason, Massillon, OH, Cadillac eldorados

Hickman, Alison, Johnstown, OH, Down the rabbit hole

Penrod, Rebecca, Delaware, OH, Down the rabbit hole

Skinner, Rebecca, Blacklick, OH, Down the rabbit hole

Van dop, Paul, Columbus, OH, Down the rabbit hole

Gillard, Ron, Canton, OH, Dr runners

Mcfeeders, Krista, New Philadelphia, OH, Dr runners

Mcfeeders, Megan, New Philadelphia, OH, Dr runners

Mcfeeders, Terry, New Philadelphia, OH, Dr runners

Miller, Nathan, Navarre, OH, Dr runners

Pritchard, Sara, Massillon, OH, Dr runners

Reusser, Karen, Canton, OH, Dr runners

Weaver, Renee, Canton, OH, Dr runners

Devens, Patrick, Fort Wayne, IN, Epic racing elite

Else, Mike, Fort Wayne, IN, Epic racing elite

Jones, David, Bluffton, IN, Epic racing elite

Stange, Ed, Fort Wayne, IN, Epic racing elite

Brown, Sherry, Columbia City, IN, Epic run club

Else, Tammy, Fort Wayne, IN, Epic run club

Gater, Ryan, Garrett, IN, Epic run club

Grobis, Ty, Fort Wayne, IN, Epic run club

Grobis, Katie, Fort Wayne, IN, Epic run club

Harding, Kim, Fort Wayne, IN, Epic run club

Michel, Herbert, Zanesville, OH, Epic run club

Rowan, Debby, Fort Wayne, IN, Epic run club

Zuber, Sara, Fort Wayne, IN, Epic run club

Brown, Allison, Columbia City, IN, Glomies

Robinson, Matthew, Fort Wayne, IN, Glomies

Guido, George, Fort Wayne, IN, Glomies!

Walter, Kathleen, Mansfield, OH, Greg's angels

Waters, Greg, Hazlehurst, GA, Greg's angels

Boggs, Robin, Mansfield, OH, Gregs Angels

Hanna, Amy, Mansfield, OH, Gregs angels

Berckmans, Ilse, Beachwood, OH, It's a runderful world!

Charlton, Sarah, Massillon, OH, It's a runderful world!

Wingert, Jessie, Navarre, OH, It's a runderful world!

Carey, Stacy, North Lawrence, OH, It’s a runderful world!

Villers, Josh, Barberton, OH, Krum 8

Doyle, Sarah, Barberton, OH, Krum's 8

Frase, Spencer, Hartville, OH, Krum's 8

Krumins, Mike, Akron, OH, Krum's 8

McDonald, Amanda, Kent, OH, Krum's 8

McDonald, Alexis, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, Krum's 8

Strickland, Michelle, Akron, OH, Krum's 8

Villers, Noah, Barberton, OH, Krum's 8

Baron, Stacey, Lakewood, OH, Pain Train Adventure Club

Buchman, Elizabeth, Cleveland, OH, Pain Train Adventure Club

Creighton, Geoff, Lakewood, OH, Pain Train Adventure Club

Inghram, James, Lakewood, OH, Pain Train Adventure Club

Kvassay, Katy, Cleveland, OH, Pain Train Adventure Club

McCann, Margaret, Cleveland, OH, Pain Train Adventure Club

Parker, Ian, Cleveland, OH, Pain Train Adventure Club

Thompson, Robin, Cleveland, OH, Pain Train Adventure Club

Atwood, Christopher, Pittsburgh, PA, Party pace

Damon, Eric, Ford City, PA, Party pacers

Forman, Joseph, Monaca, PA, Party pacers

Forman, Sara, Monaca, PA, Party pacers

Laughlin, Scott, Lisbon, OH, Party pacers

Paetz, Raymond, Pittsburgh, PA, Party pacers

Smith, Angela, New Brighton, PA, Party pacers

Tompkins, Jenn, Freeport, PA, Party pacers

Phillips, Jarett, Niagara Falls, NY, Phillips family

Phillips, Jacob, Niagara Falls, NY, Phillips family

Phillips, James, Niagara Falls, NY, Phillips family

Phillips, John, Tonawanda, NY, Phillips family

Donatelli, Sabrina, Akron, OH, Plx-tra fast girl gang

Sirl, Bethany, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, Plx-tra fast girl gang

Dannemiller, Nicole, Canton, OH, Plxtra fast girl gang

Dunn, Catie, Uniontown, OH, Plxtra fast girl gang

Facemire, Susan, Clinton, OH, Plxtra fast girl gang

Gareri-david, Nicole, Canton, OH, Plxtra fast girl gang

Laymon, Rachel, Akron, OH, Plxtra fast girl gang

Lyons, Colin, Toledo, OH, Pr or er

O'kelley, Kyle, Ventura, CA, Pr or er

Shumaker, Jillian, North Versailles, PA, Pr or er

Merrin, Zach, Canton, OH, Rejects

Migliozzi, Tony, Canton, OH, Rejects

Opeka, Daniel, Canton, OH, Rejects

Triner, Molly, Canton, OH, Rejects

Wierzbicki, Holly, Uniontown, OH, Run to you racing

Barker, Lorraine, Hartville, OH, Run to you racing 1

Chaney, Jim, Canton, OH, Run to you racing 1

Hamilton, Stuart, Massillon, OH, Run to you racing 1

Logsdon, Amy, Canton, OH, Run to you racing 1

Rininger, Ashley, Canton, OH, Run to you racing 1

Russell, Teresa, Canton, OH, Run to you racing 1

Renner, Amy, Akron, OH, Run2you racing

Bowman, Connie, Westerville, OH, Ship of fools

Leandres, Holly, Westerville, OH, Ship of fools

Okeeffe, Christina, Columbus, OH, Ship of fools

Rizek, Robin, Westerville, OH, Ship of fools

Ginny, Spring, Canton, OH, Slowpaths

Crawford, Brittany, Akron, OH, Sole stompers

Crawford, Adam, Akron, OH, Sole stompers

Fano, Joe, Canton, OH, Sole stompers

Hill, Allan, Akron, OH, Sole stompers

Hill, Joe, Hartville, OH, Sole stompers

Shanklin, Adam, Canton, OH, Sole stompers

Tallman, Michael, Massillon, OH, Sole stompers

Tallman, Jimmy, Canton, OH, Sole stompers

Lucas, Landyn, Clarington, OH, Team Prodigy

Mcdonald, Angi, Paden City, WV, Team prodigy

Nething, Traci, New Martinsville, WV, Team prodigy

Riggenbach, Aaron, Morgantown, WV, Team prodigy

Shepherd, Sarah, New Martinsville, WV, Team prodigy

Starkey, Abby, Morgantown, WV, Team prodigy

Isensee, Natalie, Madison, WI, Team rwb madison

Jukes, Jason, Dayton, OH, Team rwb madison

Lutes, Christopher, Madison, WI, Team rwb madison

Mc Nall, Grant, Janesville, WI, Team rwb madison

Carawan, Richard, Newburgh, IN, Team rwb staff

Enterline, Thomas, Dimondale, MI, Team rwb staff

Layde, Joseph, Dryden, MI, Team rwb staff

O'donohue, Kian, Livonia, MI, Team rwb staff

Pattison, Adam, Chesterland, OH, Team rwb staff

Ellington, Jermaine, , , Team rwb staff chapter

Dinkins, Patrick, Winsted, MN, Team rwb twin cities

Matson Wunderlich, Danielle, Mound, MN, Team rwb twin cities

Virkus, Jason, Minneapolis, MN, Team rwb twin cities

Wunderlich, Tim, Mound, MN, Team rwb twin cities

Bock, Scott, Saint Paul, MN, Team watermelon

Johnson, Betheny, , , Team watermelon

Colon, Corbin, Evansville, IN, Tewam rwb staff

Cozzo, Kathy, Canton, OH, The slowpaths

Fenton, Eric, Uniontown, OH, The slowpaths

Fenton, Susan, Uniontown, OH, The slowpaths

Ineman, Stephanie, Doylestown, OH, The slowpaths

Langenbeck, Cory, Canton, OH, The slowpaths




Last Name, First Name, City, State

Acito, Duane, Canton, OH

Adams, Tom, Leechburg, PA

Addy, Jeffrey, Westerville, OH

Adkins, Tim, Vermilion, OH

Ahr, Carey, Frederick, MD

Almeida, David, Erie, PA

Ames, Tiffany, Westerville, OH

Anderson, Andrew, Columbus, OH

Anderson, Walter, Conneaut, OH

Arendt, Debi, Cleveland, OH

Arendt, Tim, Cleveland, OH

Armstrong, Allison, Kansas City, KS

Arnold, Heidi, Holmes, PA

Arroyo, Elina, Lake Zurich, IL

Auten, Quinn, Cleveland, OH

Babcock, Greg, Independence, OH

Bacchi, Lindsay, Alliance, OH

Baer, Lisa, Columbus, OH

Bailey, Daniel, Stow, OH

Bain, Adrien, Toledo, OH

Bain, Andrea, Toledo, OH

Baker, Kelly, North Olmsted, OH

Baker, Stephanie, Columbus, OH

Baker, Lizabeth, Wellington, OH

Baker, Ledawn, Westerville, OH

Baker, David, Westerville, OH

Baldwin, Jessica, Columbus, OH

Balliet, Greg, Canton, OH

Balliet, Nicholas, Canton, OH

Banda, Michael, Trafford, PA

Barman, Monica, ,

Bartholomew, Wendi a, Columbus, IN

Baylis, Danita, New Braunfels, TX

Becker, Sheryl, Marion, IA

Belback, Erin, West Mifflin, PA

Bellew, Laura, Cincinnati, OH

Bendig, Joseph, Chicago, IL

Benner, Alma, Barberton, OH

Benson, Mark, Newport, KY

Besecker, Stacy, Powell, OH

Best, Janet, Hilliard, OH

Betha, Stacey rae, Westerville, OH

Bettencourt, Tyler, Solomons, MD

Billock, Marjie, Rootstown, OH

Billock, Nick, Rootstown, OH

Blake, Chuck, Cincinnati, OH

Blake, Rita, Cincinnati, OH

Blankenbiller, Charlie, Hilliard, OH

Blankenship, Jeffrey, Clinton, OH

Bodoh, Lori, Auburn, NY

Boler, Eric, Minneapolis, MN

Boling, Brad, Wadsworth, OH

Bomkamp, Candice, Cincinnati, OH

Bond, Yasmin, Lewis Center, OH

Bond, susan, Elkhart, IN

Bonner, Zack, Holland, OH

Boswell, William, Canal Fulton, OH

Bowerman, Frieda, Waltham, MA

Bowling, Alicia, Ashland, KY

Bowman, Connie, Westerville, OH

Boyd, Deron, Akron, OH

Branagan, Maria, Gibsonia, PA

Bratko, Helena, Independence, OH

Bratton, Jason, ,

Brecheisen, Grady, Gibsonburg, OH

Broadnax, Edward, Jacksonville, FL

Brogan, Cheryl, Perrysburg, OH

Brumbaugh, Emma, Uniontown, OH

Burgoon, Audrey, Pittsburgh, PA

Buser, Thomas, Cleveland, OH

Busto, Brian, Canton, OH

Byerly, Kara, Westerville, OH

Byrd, Carol, Batavia, OH

Campbell, Sheldon, Mansfield, OH

Canterbury, Dick, Fredericktown, OH

Carnahan, Bryan, Willard, OH

Carnahan, James, Akron, OH

Carraher, Mike, Cincinnati, OH

Carraher, Mike, Cincinnati, OH

Carrigg, Cliff, Westlake, OH

Carron, Angela, Canton, MI

Case, Jamie, Morrow, OH

Casimir, Erica, New Philadelphia, OH

Cassese, Michael, Solon, OH

Cassese, Katherine, Solon, OH

Casteel, John, Grove City, PA

Casteel, Bridget, Grove City, PA

Cave, Jim, Spencerville, OH

Chance, Katherine, Wooster, OH

Chaney, Ryan, Solon, OH

Chastain, Brandon, Chandler, AZ

Chhabra, Gaurav, Durham, NC

Chiaravalli, David, Berkley, MI

Christie, Tina, Fort Wayne, IN

Chuey, Mary kay, Cincinnati, OH

Cichon, Robert, Mount Gilead, OH

Clausen, Adam, Hilliard, OH

Clay, George, O Fallon, IL

Cline, Jeremy, ,

Coffey, Charity, Grove City, OH

Cole, James, Bossier City, LA

Coletta, Dan, Cincinnati, OH

Colligan, Sarah, Jeannette, PA

Coniglio, Gina, Columbus, OH

Cook, Ann, Glenshaw, PA

Cowen, Zach, Galloway, OH

Cowen, Ken, Hilliard, OH

Craddock, Mark, Madison Heights, MI

Criswell, Chris, Wheeling, WV

Crosby, Stacey, Westerville, OH

Crow, James, New Martinsville, WV

Culver, Bill, Orlando, FL

Cwalinski, Robert, Willoughby, OH

Darby, Jeff, Marysville, OH

Daunis, Heather, Gonzales, LA

Davidge, Bob, Canton, MI

Davis, Lisa, Columbus, OH

Davis, Kendra, ,

Davis, Hollie, Wamego, KS

Dawn, Stacey, Leechburg, PA

Dean, Dorothy, Cincinnati, OH

Debnam, John, Jordan, MN

Deck, Shelly, Fort Wayne, IN

Deck, Timothy, Fort Wayne, IN

Delahanty, Doug, Canton, OH

Denner, Michael, Temperance, MI

Derhodes, Bethany, Cincinnati, OH

Devis, Christyn, Canton, OH

Dhital, Dixa, Akron, OH

Dickey, Elizabeth, Slippery Rock, PA

Disantis, Chris, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Dixon, Jamie, Akron, OH

Dixon, Kami, Akron, OH

Dombrowski, Marisa, Pittsburgh, PA

Donley, Sarah, Bethesda, OH

Donnelly, Kimberly, Doylestown, OH

Dorow, Amy, Morgantown, West Virgina

Douglas, Ethan, Akron, OH

Douglas, Jennifer, Akron, OH

Dripps, Angela, Columbus, OH

Duffens-carraher, Kasey, Cincinnati, OH

Dunbar, Linda, Elizabethtown, PA

Duncan, Jennifer, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Dunn, Peggy, Columbus, OH

Eckleberry, Brittany, Uhrichsville, OH

Eckleberry, James, Uhrichsville, OH

Eckstein, Justin, Cincinnati, OH

Edgein, Jesse, Canton, OH

Edwards, Margaret, Washington, DC

Edwards, Danielle, North Versailles, PA

Edwards, Nicole, Morgantown, WV

Egan, Amy, Coraopolis, PA

Eisenhower, Frank, Lewis Center, OH

Elkins, Charles, Wadsworth, OH

Elkins, Marsha, Wadsworth, OH

Erickson, Jim, Painesville, OH

Escajeda, Justin, Clairton, PA

Evans, Brian, Hartville, OH

Evans, William, Dorset, OH

Fabianich mcclay, John, Bolivar, OH

Fallon, Kelly, Cincinnati, OH

Farmer, Charlotte, Waterford, MI

Farmer, Rebecca, Waterford, MI

Feciuch, Kellie, Canton, OH

Feigles, Erika, Louisville, CO

Ferguson, Daniel, Hopkinsville, KY

Ferrall, Victoria, Phoenix, AZ

Figueroa, Joey, Massillon, OH

Finegan, Shannon, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Fischbach, Amy, Delaware, OH

Fleming, Teresa (tracee), Mahwah, NJ

Flis, Lori, Pataskala, OH

Fofrich, Jeremy, Columbus, OH

Followay, Jeremey, Canal Fulton, OH

Forrest, Jessica, Rineyville, KY

Fraifogl, Nicole, Stow, OH

Frimenko, Katherine, Columbus, OH

Galvin, Mike, Rittman, OH

Gammon, Darrell, Alliance, OH

Gannon, Robbie, Butler, OH

Gardner, Lori, Louisville, KY

Gardner, Anthony, Louisville, KY

Gardner, Emily, Pittsburgh, PA

Gareri, Allison, Uniontown, OH

Garrett, Vaughn, Mc Connelsville, OH

Gates-tucker, Linda, Granville, OH

Genevish, Jennifer, Rittman, OH

George, Scott, Hudson, OH

Georgeff, Andrew, Cincinnati, OH

Giacobbe, Tammy, Amherst, OH

Gibbar, Samantha, Burlington, NJ

Gilday, Beth, Jenison, MI

Ginyard, Cheylon, Cincinnati, OH

Gleason, Beth, Knoxville, TN

Gomes, Gregg, Massillon, OH

Goodson, Brian, ,

Goodwin, Beth, Gnadenhutten, OH

Govey, Tom, Catlettsburg, KY

Graham, Philip, New Richmond, OH

Graves, Odell, Cincinnati, OH

Graves, Erika, Cincinnati, OH

Gray, Brian, Barberton, OH

Gray, Yulia, Northfield, OH

Gregg, Grace, Columbus, OH

Grengs, Patrick, West Richland, WA

Griffin, Derek, Wadsworth, OH

Griffin, Derek, Wadsworth, OH

Groene, Kayla, Cincinnati, OH

Gudorf, Jeremy, Cambridge, OH

Hackler, Natalie, Hiawatha, KS

Hagemann, Austin, Haskins, OH

Halcomb, Jason, Lawrenceburg, IN

Hall, Tammy, Napoleon, OH

Hanna, Amy, Mansfield, OH

Harris, David, Adrian, MI

Harrison, Tamra, Akron, OH

Hartman, Leslie, Pinckney, MI

Haskins, Kerri, Danville, NH

Haviland, Drina, Ball Ground, GA

Haviland, Michael, Ball Ground, GA

Hayes, Jennie, Powell, OH

Heltzel, Christopher, Kent, OH

Herndon, Micah, Tallmadge, OH

Hill, Linda, New Martinsville, WV

Hill, Scott, New Martinsville, WV

Hill, Helen, Hilliard, OH

Hinterman, Kyle, Bolivar, OH

Hintz, Chelsea, Cincinnati, OH

Hionides-Horner, Emily, Rittman, OH

Hofacker, Marianne, Canton, OH

Hoffmann, Jason, Greenwood, IN

Hoke, Nathan, Saint Peters, MO

Holland, Alysha, ,

Holloway, Christian, Cincinnati, OH

Holtmann, Katie, Cincinnati, OH

Hoover, Polly, Goshen, IN

Hopper, Esther, Asheville, NC

Howard, Carol, Navarre, OH

Howells, Tina, Salem, OH

Hoyt, Laura, Sandston, VA

Hromadka, Meredith, Terrace Park, OH

Huber, Eric, Allison Park, PA

Huber, Heidi, Grand Rapids, MI

Huffman, Paul, Dayton, OH

Hull, Chuck, Pittsburgh, PA

Hunter, Tracie, Whitestown, IN

Hutchinson, Laura, Canonsburg, PA

James, Travis, Ravenna, OH

Jamison, Heather, Monroe, OH

Janosko, Dave, Mentor, OH

Jelinek, Jessica, Wadsworth, OH

Jennings, Cliff, Cincinnati, OH

Jent, Kendall, Cincinnati, OH

Jepson, Mark, Cincinnati, OH

Jepson, Kyle, Cincinnati, OH

Jewett, Megan, Galena, OH

Johansson, Lynne, Columbus, OH

Johnson, Tamra, Mooresville, NC

Johnson, Brian, Reynoldsburg, OH

Jones, Sean, Munhall, PA

Jules, Bonnie, Jacksonville, FL

Kalgreen, Diane, Akron, OH

Kauffman, Amanda, Solomons, MD

Kavinsky, Jillian, Cincinnati, OH

Kavulic, Michael, Akron, OH

Keane, Josh, Bolivar, OH

Keane, Lisa, Bolivar, OH

Kelley, Elizabeth ann, Rock Hill, SC

Khan, Kallin, Lisle, IL

Kidd, Abby, New Kensington, PA

Kiddoo, Matt, Wichita, KS

Killian, Jennifer, Stanwood, MI

Klauer, Sherry, Mechanicsville, VA

Kleeb, Kelli, Bridgeville, PA

Klejka, James, Akron, OH

Kmentt, Jason, Youngstown, OH

Knipp, Victoria, Ironton, OH

Koenig, Lauren, Dublin, OH

Kolita, Connie, Cleves, OH

Komasz, Jeremy, Cleveland, OH

Konkle, Sherrie, Fort Wayne, IN

Kopchinsky, Dustin, Cranberry Twp, PA

Kramer, Karen, West Chester, OH

Kranz, Jessica, Columbus, OH

Krieg, Angie, Jacobsburg, OH

Krug, Jim, Durham, NC

Krupko, Cathy, Homeworth, OH

Kucharik, Nikole, Massillon, OH

Kuhn, Steve, Pittsburgh, PA

Kumfer, Jarrod, Fort Wayne, IN

Kummer, Scott, Chicago, IL

Kurtz, Marcia, Canton, OH

Kwiatkowski, Kelly, Covington, KY

Lambert, Debbie, Cincinnati, OH

Lance, Tiffany, Columbus, OH

Landry, Donald, Montreal, Quebec

Landry, Marion, Montreal, Quebec

Lassen, Joseph, Denver, CO

Lato, Tj, Canyon Lake, TX

Laub, Julie, Mason, OH

Laurenti, Billie, Canal Fulton, OH

Lawson, Laura, Lakewood, OH

Lea, Ned, Canton, OH

Leahy, Brenden, O Fallon, IL

Leckman, Glen, Marietta, GA

Lees, Jake, Blacklick, OH

Lemke, Terri, Loudonville, OH

Lemmon, Sue, Blacklick, OH

Lewis, Dan, Springboro, OH

Liberati, Louis, Lisbon, OH

Ligman, Becky, Cranberry Twp, PA

Lindroth, Holly, Chicago, IL

Little, Taggart, Deerfield, OH

Liupakka, Nicholas, Hudsonville, MI

Livingston, David, Burbank, OH

Lloyd, Shellie, Columbus, OH

Lockard, Brandy, Cincinnati, OH

Lockard, Brandy, Cincinnati, OH

Locker, James, Canton, OH

Lohmueller, Greg, Cincinnati, OH

Lupica, Samuel, Broadview Heights, OH

Lupica, Samuel, Broadview Heights, OH

Luthe, Suzie, Fort Wayne, IN

Madsen, Amy, Appleton, WI

Maibach, Trisha, Creston, OH

Malhotra, Virren, Zionsville, IN

Mallen, Carla, Carmel, NY

MANGANARO, Karen, Erie, PA

Manning, Tom, Mentor, OH

Mara, Kristen, Stow, OH

Marchione, Mary, Massillon, OH

Markley, Carmen, Canton, OH

Marquez, James, Bethel, OH

Martens, Walter, Avon Lake, OH

Martin, Craig, Sunbury, OH

Martin, Suzan, Wellington, OH

Martin, Suzan, Wellington, OH

Martin, James, Wellington, OH

Martin, Tina, Cincinnati, OH

Martin, Julie, Columbus, OH

Martin, Sean, Columbus, OH

Martinson, Alli, Cincinnati, OH

Martinson, Alli, Cincinnati, OH

Mashburn, Alexander, Canal Fulton, OH

Massie, Tyler, Grove City, OH

Matamala, Nicole, Chelsea, Maryland

Matthews, Heidi, Canton, OH

Matz, Shari, Denver, PA

Mayle, Kenny, Alliance, OH

Mays, Linda, Manhattan, KS

mcclay, lynett, Bolivar, OH

Mccoy, Loyd, Hartville, OH

Mcdermott, Christina, Marysville, OH

Mcgory, Terry, Saint Petersburg, FL

Mcgowan, Steven, Akron, OH

Mcgowan, Pamela, Akron, OH

Mcgrath, Sara, Rockville, VA

McGrath, Maura, Dayton, OH

Mcgruder, James, West Chester, OH

Mcguinn, Brenda, Lexington, NC

Mcnamara, Emily, Cincinnati, OH

Mears, Laura, Sandusky, OH

Meeks, Deb, Columbus, OH

Mendoza, Maria, Munster, IN

Mercer, James, Saint Louis, MO

Metzger, Charles, New Richmond, OH

Michel, Bob, Fort Wayne, IN

Miklas, John, Massillon, OH

Milburn, Christine, New Philadelphia, OH

Milburn, John, New Philadelphia, OH

Milburn ii, John, Bolivar, OH

Miller, Ben, Troy, OH

Miller, Evelyn, Charles Town, WV

Mindek, Melissa, Columbus, OH

Miranda, Rachael, Wichita, KS

Mitchell, Joellen, Elyria, OH

Modrowski, Corey, Toledo, OH

Moeller, Bridget, Spring, TX

Moeller, Amanda, Cleveland, OH

Moeller, Jim, Hamilton, OH

Moeller, William, Spring, TX

Mohr, Bob, ,

Mohr, Chase, Peninsula, OH

Mominee, Elizabeth, Pittsburgh, PA

Mondello, Matthew, Lakewood, OH

Monroe, Christina, Mishawaka, IN

Moore-fryman, Kellie, Marengo, OH

Morgan, Charles, Batavia, OH

Morrical, April, Marion, IN

Mortensen, Brian, Creston, OH

Mount, Loren, Wadsworth, OH

Mount, Kristen, Wadsworth, OH

Mujaahid, Jameelah, Atlanta, GA

Murray-torres, Teresa, Columbus, OH

Mykulyn, Cathleen, Granville, OH

Naeve, Shawn, Alburnett, IA

Naida, Wayne, Cleveland, OH

Nartker, Joe, West Chester, OH

Nero, Marisa, Pittsburgh, PA

Norrington, Cory, Maumee, OH

Norris, Matthew, Cincinnati, OH

Oberhauser, Angelique, Galena, OH

Ogborn, Sarah, Lafayette, IN

Oney, Larry, Canal Fulton, OH

Orndorf, Nathaniel, Akron, OH

Orr, Christopher, Newark, OH

Orzechowski, Chuck, Northfield, OH

Owens, Cynthia, Fort Wayne, IN

Paine-o'connor, Cheryl, Webster, NY

Papantonakis, Michael, Washington, DC

Parke, Megan, Pittsburgh, PA

Parson, Stacy, Uniontown, OH

Parsons, Dave, Mount Vernon, OH

Patterson, D’Lisa, Indianapolis, IN

Patterson, Kristin, Wexford, PA

Pavlak, Tim, ,

Pavlak, Mike, Akron, OH

Pawlus, Michael, Columbus, OH

Penso, Mike, Strasburg, OH

Penso, Jennifer, Strasburg, OH

Perduyn, Laurie, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Perry, Sierra, Oregon, OH

Pesha, Melisa, Wyoming, MN

Petkus, George, Delaware, OH

Pfaus, Allison, Louisville, OH

Phillips, Joseph, Grand Island, NY

Piatt, Donna, Cincinnati, OH

Picard, Mj, Columbus, OH

Pickens, Kathy, Sandusky, OH

Pifer, Deirdre, Columbus, OH

Pilaske, Sharon, Linwood, MI

Pleat, Brian, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Pohl, Angela, Chardon, OH

Poland, Donna, Columbus, OH

Pollard, Derek, Imperial, PA

Pool, Jim, Toledo, OH

Pool, Kelly, Toledo, OH

Porter, Cheryl, Three Rivers, MI

Porter, Dave, Three Rivers, MI

Posge, Nina, Cincinnati, OH

Poynter, Lowell, Terre Haute, IN

Prosise, Jackie, Canton, OH

Purgert, Brian, Peninsula, OH

Quinn, Molly, Venetia, PA

Rachita, Michael, Canton, OH

Radalia, June, Fort Wayne, IN

Raggets, John, Cleveland, OH

Ramos, Tara, Lorain, OH

Ramos, David, Lorain, OH

Raudins, Glenn, Chagrin Falls, OH

Reinart, Elizabeth, Canal Fulton, OH

Reusch, Thomas, Cincinnati, OH

Riblet, Marc, Mineral Ridge, OH

Riblet, Brianne, Mineral Ridge, OH

Richards, Amii, Canal Fulton, OH

Richardson, Gabriella, New Philadelphia, OH

Richardson, Brianna, New Philadelphia, OH

Richardson, Chris, New Philadelphia, OH

Richardson, Richelle, New Philadelphia, OH

Ridenour, Samuel, Carroll, OH

Rininger, Tam, Louisville, OH

Riskey, Shannon, Venetia, PA

Ristau, Brittani, Bellevue, KY

Rizek, Robin, Westerville, OH

Roberts, Angela, Newark, OH

Roberts, Stan, Mansfield, OH

Roche, Joe, Middletown, OH

Rode, Susan, Columbus, OH

Rogers, Jeromi, Canton, OH

Rosevear, Catherine, Cincinnati, OH

Rothacher, Mike, Canal Fulton, OH

Ruttschaw, Donna, Loveland, OH

Sammon, Carol, Medina, OH

Santurri, Laura, Franklin, IN

Scalera, Nikole, Akron, OH

Schade, Kris, Mc Kees Rocks, PA

Schade, Bill, Mc Kees Rocks, PA

Schall, Steve, Williamsport, PA

Schanz, Emily, Avon Lake, OH

Scheitlin, Justin, Zionsville, IN

Schmidt, Thomas, Medina, OH

Schmitz, Christie, Maria Stein, OH

Schuetz, Kevin, Oakmont, PA

Schwendemann, Chad, Mars, PA

Scott, Yolanda, New Albany, OH

Seeley, Brian, Marietta, OH

Semanik, David, Bedford, OH

Shaffer, Doug, Harrison, OH

Shehow, Sara, Kaukauna, WI

Sheibley, Liz, Fort Wayne, IN

Shell, Scott, Powell, OH

Shelley, Matthew, Isanti, MN

Shew, Megan, Mason, OH

Shirley, Julien, Akron, OH

Short, Hope, Grove City, OH

Siegel, Mary, Allison Park, PA

Silva, Tom, Maumee, OH

Silva, Kelly, Bossier City, LA

Simmons, Erin, ,

Simmons, Brandon, Mt Zion, IL

Simmons, Heather, Newport, NY

Simmons, Jason, Canal Fulton, OH

Simon, Rob, Toledo, OH

Simpson, Stephanie, Cedar Rapids, IA

Sines, Lisa, Wellington, OH

Sirpilla, Patrick, Massillon, OH

Slovak, Karen, Dover, OH

Smathers, Paul, Shadyside, OH

Smith, Stevie, Cleveland, OH

Smith, Rick, Cincinnati, OH

Smith, Andria, Cincinnati, OH

Snyder, Michelle, Canal Fulton, OH

Sonnntag, Kevin, Minerva, OH

Sorensen, Shannon, Brunswick, OH

Sorgini, Liz, Columbus, OH

Spear, David, Belleville, WV

Sponseller, Andrew, Gibsonburg, OH

Springer, Lee, Bellevue, OH

St.clair, Talia, Gnadenhutten, OH

Stanford, Kristin, Columbus, OH

Stantz, Sherri, Navarre, OH

Stephen, Tiffany, Triadelphia, WV

Stephen, Patricia, Canton, OH

Stevens, Stephanie, Westerville, OH

Stewart, Jason, Youngstown, OH

Strain, Milisa, Canton, OH

Strawn, Stephen, Bolivar, OH

Stray, Kenneth, Independence, OH

Strubel, Randy, Dover, OH

Suehrstedt, Lorelei, Bay Village, OH

Sullivan, Todd, Fort Wayne, IN

Sulzer, Frank, Mc Kees Rocks, PA

Summerlin, Spencer, Sunbury, OH

Summers, Sharon, Hubbard, OH

Sweeney, Nita, Columbus, OH

Tanner, Dylan, Mentor, OH

Taylor, Kathy, Akron, OH

Taylor, Bree, Hilliard, OH

Taylor, Michael, Hilliard, OH

Teachout, Linda, Fort Wayne, IN

Templin, Mike, Lakewood, OH

Thoburn, Chris, Bridgeport, OH

Thomas, Sarah, Fort Loramie, OH

Thomas, Doug, ,

Thompson, Charlie, Hilliard, OH

Thompson, Casey, Mentor, OH

Thompson, Annette, Bellevue, OH

Thur, Brittany, Uniontown, OH

Ticer, Phil, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Tkocs, Jennifer, Pittsburgh, PA

Todd, Kelly, Elgin, IL

Tomsho, Gina, Canton, OH

Towe, Christopher, Cincinnati, OH

Trame, Kelly, Bowling Green, OH

Trame, John, Bowling Green, OH

Trembly, Rachel, Canal Fulton, OH

Tsilimos, James, Lisbon, OH

Turner, Tiffany, Peninsula, OH

Tuttle, Steven, North Royalton, OH

Tyler, Melissa, Barberton, OH

Tysver, Lynda, Minneapolis, MN

Tzagournis, Manuel, Columbus, OH

Upton, Marie, Aurora, IN

Vaishnav, Sadhna, Novi, MI

Vaishnav, Haresh, Novi, MI

Verbic, Greg, Aurora, OH

Verkleeren, Trevor, Greensburg, PA

Villers, Danelle, Akron, OH

Villers, Rich, Akron, OH

Volk, Kara, Pittsburgh, PA

Waddle, Melissa, Grove City, OH

Wagner, Louis, Wellington, OH

Wagner, Angela, Holmesville, OH

Wagner, Lawrence, Holmesville, OH

Walden, Donny, Assumption, IL

Walker, Christina, West Chester, OH

Walker, Chris, Williamstown, WV

Wallace, James, Hartville, OH

Walters, Jeff, Dearborn Heights, MI

Ward, Nicole, Glouster, OH

Wasio, Lyndsey, Cleveland, OH

Watkins, Camille, Cincinnati, OH

Watson, Renee, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Weaver, Julie, Canal Fulton, OH

Webel, Timothy, Akron, OH

Wehener, Ann, Akron, OH

Wesley, Susan, Cincinnati, OH

Whaley, Nathan, Norwalk, OH

White, Mid knight, Wooster, OH

White, Mid knight, Wooster, OH

Whittaker, Devon, Westerville, OH

Whittington, Jessica, Swayzee, IN

Wildman, Cindy, Cleveland, OH

Williams, Edyta, Pittsburgh, PA

Williams, Jennifer, Saint Charles, MO

Williams, Bradford, Medina, OH

Williams, Erin, Manquin, VA

Williamson, Carole, Sykesville, MD

Wilson, Klara, Charles Town, WV

Wilson, Michaela, Richfield, OH

Wilson, Julie, Grand Rapids, OH

Wilson, David, Columbus, OH

Winans, Tyler, Salem, OH

Winford, Patti, Independence, KY

WINTERS, Mark, Canton, OH

Winters, Mark, Canton, OH

Woehl, Bertha lotje, Ridgeway, SC

Woldhuis, Robert, Grand Rapids, MI

Wolfe, Aimee, Hamilton, OH

Wong, Ernest, Ashburn, VA

Woodard, Tara, Houston, TX

Woods, Antony, Milford, OH

Worsham, Tara, Decatur, IL

Wright, Jacqueline, Morrow, OH

Yellig, William, Canal Fulton, OH

Yoder, Shellie, Smithville, OH

Yoder, Marlin, Chippewa Lake, OH

Young, Christine, Conneaut, OH

Young, Hollie, Lafayette, IN

Young, Whitney, West Chester, OH

Zalewski, Jacob, Johnson City, TN

Zall, Brandon, Columbus, OH

Zdawczyk, Aaron, Perrysburg, OH

Zeigler, Tracy, Mount Gilead, OH

Zenz, Kristin, Maumee, OH

Zurlo, Eric, Bethel Park, PA

Zuzek, Stacie, Poughkeepsie, NY